Coming together is a beginning,

Keeping together is progress,

Working together is success.

“Simply putting together a number of people and expecting them to work as a team is not enough”. Meredeth Belbin

What is the best investment to make to drive a high performing team culture?
Are we really performing and achieving as a team?
How well are we collaborating and developing as a team?
How are we measuring and supporting a shift to a high performing culture?
How do we prevent sub-standard team performance – generating problems of low trust, low morale and low retention & engagement?
These are the questions that have intrigued me for many years in my work with teams at all levels in organisation and working across many cultures and organisations I continue in my quest to answer these questions with and for my clients.
Team building / development is much more sophisticated today. Teams will be at different stages in their need for support and as a result a cookie cutter approach will not work. You need to take into consideration the culture of the company, the experience and style of the leader, the work of the team, the members on team and their interpersonal dynamics , their behavioural preferences and so on. The team development process can be accelerated by the use of a team coach with the capacity to correctly diagnose, intervene and follow through. That’s what we do here at BBA
Evidence based tools are used to help diagnose where teams are at. All the tools we use translate to the virtual world easily as we have found out over the last 12 months. We diagnose to figure out what exact tools the teams need. We pick the right tool from a range of behavioural assessment, communication profiling, team stage assessment, conflict preference and strategic visioning tools.
In the videos below, I outline my though’s on what make a high performing team and share two of the tools we use during our team building programs, the Drexler Sibett Team Performance Model and the Cover Vision Story.

High Performing Teams

Team Performance Module

Cover Vision Story