“A leader is one who, knows the way, goes the wayand shows the way”.

John Maxwell

Front Line leaders

BBA’s Front-Line Manager program is a three-day program aimed at newly appointed front-line managers, supervisors and team leaders and gives participants the skills they need as they transition into managing people and the business.

 A highly interactive program that provides feedback, discussions, personal and team insight inventories, group exercises, case studies and personal action planning to ensure the experience is embedded back in the workplace.

From Management to Leadership

BBA’s “From Management to Leadership”program is a three module / two-day program (six days in total) aimed at managers who have been in their roles for more than 12 months and need to increase their influence, lead others, lead change and transition to a more leadership mindset.

From Strategy to Execution

From Strategy to Execution is a facilitated process guaranteed to accelerate the transition from strategy development to delivering high performance across the organisation. 
It is a is practical executive / senior management team facilitated a workshop that ensures organisations accelerate team performance from the creation of their business strategy to execution and finally to results.  
With over 25 years working with executive/senior teams at all levels within organisations, BBA has created a process that has proven effective in ensuring leaders create a solid platform for team and organisational success.
Using numerous insights from current research, 25+ experience, tools, frameworks and techniques.
From Strategy to Execution has a proven track record of getting results……..fast!

We are frequently asked to customise and create programs specifically for an organisation’s needs and are happy to do.