Executive Coaching

I help leaders grow, change and fill their potential.  I do this by encouraging leaders to explore the core values or the “how & why” of their leadership.


More than ever, today’s challenging environment requires leaders who are self aware and in touch with their personal values and purpose. Only leaders who display an authenticity inspire genuine collaboration, performance and passion in their people.


Life doesn’t always run an easy course.  We all meet challenges in our careers and in our personal lives.  Having the space and time to tease out these challenges can make the difference between taking a good and or taking the best decision.  Simon has the skills to help you help yourself when you find yourself in these difficult situations.



As new organisations shift away from traditional hierarchies and move towards empowering millennials and next-generation leaders, one to one executive level coaching has become one of the key tools in helping high-potential, top performers to accelerate their success.  


In 2017 in the U.S. alone, $1 billion was spent on business, personal and relationship coaches, an increase of 20% from five years earlier (IbisWorld). And when you consider that the number of business coaches worldwide has increased by more than 60% since 2007 (Harvard Business Review), it is clear that one to one executive level coaching is in high demand because it gets results.

Why one to one executive coaching?


There are a wide range of reasons why a high-potential leader would avail of one to one executive coaching. It could be any of the following reasons, but this not an exhaustive list:

  • You have plateaued in your role and feel unable to move to the next stage in your company
  • A dip in confidence
  • Issues with team dynamics and performance
  • A desire to manage ‘hot buttons’ effectively
  • A desire to change a pattern of behaviour that is impacting your career



Psychotherapy specialising in team dynamics


Simon McAuliffe is a trained psychotherapist specialising in team dynamics and this expertise sets him apart in the world of one to one executive coaching.


  1. Over 20 years’ experience working with multinationals

Simon’s experience of working with high level leaders across a range of multinationals in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, tech, finance and banking sectors for over 20 years allows him to hit the ground running. He has a solid understanding of how multinationals work and the day to day realities of the pressures that senior leaders face which allows him to focus on immediate action without wasting time getting to know the environment.


  1. Specialism in coaching senior leaders

With a wealth of experience gained from coaching clients such as General Managers, Presidents, Vice Presidents and CEOs in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia, Simon thrives on seeing executives realise their potential so that they can in turn see their teams develop, grow and make great strides for their organisation.


  1. Confidentiality and trust

The term “confidential sounding board” has been used many times in client feedback when describing how Simon has assisted in them achieving their goals, along with confidentiality and trust. These are the essential components of a good relationship with a coach and their client. It allows the client the space to work through a coaching program in a professional and structured manner with continuous support and facilitation along the way.


  1. Case Studies

If you would like to know more about our coaching program and the results, please see our two case studies here


1. The Contract Phase:


Frequently, either the client, the CEO or HR team will contact us first. Once agreed that we will undertake a coaching program the next step is the ‘4 P’s contract’


  • Procedure


When, where, how often, medium for communication; payment, cancellation policy;


  • Professional


Roles and responsibilities; review & evaluation, tools and qualifications, goals, outcomes, supervision


  • Personal


How we can best work together; expectations of each other.


  • Psychological


What could get in the way; how to challenge; how will we end the relationship?

2. The Assessment Phase:


This phase is about gathering data so that Simon can create a complete picture of your behaviours, competencies, capabilities, development strengths and gaps.

Some tools that we use in this stage are:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Forté Communication Strengths profile
  • Forté i360° or company in-house 360° Feedback instrument
  • Drexler Sibbet Team Process
  • Grove Strategic Process and Visual Graphic Tools

3. The Development Plan Phase


The data is then analysed in detail by Simon and presented to the client, with key findings.


Both the client and Simon create create a plan, with key objectives, goals and tangible results for the coaching program.

4. The Coaching Phase


Simon and the client meet at regular intervals, for example a two hour meeting every six weeks. In these sessions, there are three elements which are geared to help the client gain momentum from session to session and to get deliverable results.



Progress and accountability. “How have you got on with what you said you were going to do?



Focus, outcome and role.


Forward planning piece

Designing Actions


At the end of the coaching program, the client and Simon review progress from the starting point to the end point and analyse the tangible results.



If you are unsure about whether or not you could benefit from one to one executive coaching, consider some of these questions:


  • As a leader, how strong is your leadership?
  • What do you want your people legacy to be?
  • Are you maximising your people with a competitive advantage?
  • Are you happy with the culture in your organisation?
  • Does everyone in your team know what a good dynamic feels like?
  • Is there conflict not being resolved?
  • How strong is ownership and accountability in your team or do you end up carrying the weight?
  • Are any roadblocks getting in the way of what you are trying to achieve?
  • Are you lacking momentum?
If you would like to know more about how one to one coaching could benefit you or a member of your team and explore how BBA Training can drive your organisation forward by creating better leaders, contact us via phone or email below…